Clojure Explained - Multimethods and Protocols

May 3, 2016
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Abstractions are important both in life and programming and we use them quite often, even if sometimes we don't realize it. We saw in the previous posts that Clojure provides higher-order functions to make our code more re-usable and macros for eliminating boilerplate code. Now let's see how we can use multimethods and protocols when we need something more sophisticated.

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The approach to state management in Clojure

April 18, 2016
Introduction to mutable state in Clojure. Simon's Cat will show you an effective way to manage change in your application, and you'll find out that cats love candies, too. :)

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Self-hosted ClojureScript - The AST innards

March 22, 2016
Delving into Replumb's enhancements and the new Abstract Syntax Tree facilities for self-hosted ClojureScript environments.

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Clojure Explained - Macros demystified

March 7, 2016
All Lisp-based languages share a common feature called macros. Often seen as magical, macros are actually based on a simple idea: to be able to transform arbitrary expressions into valid code, just before it is evaluated by the compiler. Let's look at how macros work in Clojure in more detail.

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Snake the game - a tutorial for ClojureScript and re-frame, part 2/2

February 23, 2016
Simple tutorial on how to create Snake game using ClojureScript, reagent and re-frame, part 2/2